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>> developing news at of san francisco, bart trains would not be stopping at the san for cisco station because an officer shot a man that was allegedly carrying a knife. this is a live scene and bart right now, a spokesman said it is not clear yet if the officer that shot the armed person was a bart officer. it is also not sure when the civic center station will open again. also new at 11:00 p.m. no one was injured after a plane landed on highway 280. it was forced to do an emergency landing around 7:15 p.m. near redwood city. the plane in a vehicle collided but the plane was not damaged. >> extremely lucky, it was
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very fortunate for everyone tonight that this ended the way that it did. >> the plane came to a stop at the site of the road and did not block traffic. authorities believe that kids playing with fireworks may have led to a grass fire that spread to a car rental lot. you're looking at video from this afternoon from a hertz rental lot in south san for cisco and all 37 vehicles were torched. >> the intense flames and dark smoke could be seen for miles. it happened before 3:00 p.m. north of the san francisco international airport. in the self on video, you can hear at a loud pop in the background firefighter say those were the sounds of car tires exploding. witnesses say that it started out with kids playing with fireworks at this dried grassy field. about 300 cars were parked here. >> the small fire spread
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quickly and turned into a three alarm fire because of the heat and high winds. >> cars were blowing up all over and smoke was coming up. >> each time one would explode it will usually set a another one on fire and that kind of just build up to all the cars exploding. >> the fast-moving flames burned dangerously close to a motel 6. about 40 people were saying there, they were evaluated and no one was hurt. authorities said the fire destroyed nearly 37 rental cars and damaged at least three others. >> parents generally advise their kids on how to handle fireworks and so they should be present and let their kids know. >> witnesses said the kids that started the fire got scared and ran away. so far police and i have anyone in custody. in south san francisco with kron4 news. and >> clear skies in the bay area today. with the heat stay on for the forest?
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>> i think to get a little bit of a break not quite as hot, returned on the way but it was really hot today. a scorcher around the bay area but nuys, 80's for sanders is on oakland, '90s for san jose and trouble digit heat for the east bay and concord in fairfield to 100 degrees. the temperatures were upper from about 5 to 15 degrees over yesterday. temperatures coming back down four to maroc starting out with mostly cloudy skies in the morning a few patches of fog but it should clear out pretty quickly. by the afternoon it will be sunny, but the sea breeze will pick up and that should pull off things by the bay. looking for '70's in san francisco, oakland and other locations bayside but still hot inland with 90s on tap. score the fireworks displays for tomorrow night is still looking good, clear skies and the forecast. temperatures in the '50s for san francisco, '60s berkeley in mountain view, '70's in to conquer. the forecast models are hinting at some
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fog at the coast. we will have to watch it closely because any little thing can change. for now, hopefully things will stay clear. i will have more details and the forecast coming up. >> scorching temperatures across the bay led-left- inland areas with a heat advisory today. we show how some people beat the heat. >> it feels like i'm in a burning oven, but it is hot. i felt like i will melt. >> she is is one of dozens waiting for the gates to open at the aquatic center. as the line kept getting longer, the temperature outside crept higher and higher. >> of i need them to get in it is almost one degrees i need to get back into my air-conditioned house. >> parents and children of all ages found ways to keep cool in stay hydrated while they anxiously waited to get in the water. it was expected to reach 104 degrees in pleasanton. nearby parks were
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practically empty because of the he devising that lasted until 9:00 p.m.. the community pool opened at 2:00 p.m. system time to get these people some much- needed relief. the swimming pool was quickly packed and they kept getting hotter, many were finding other ways to stay cool. >> may stay indoors, watch a movie as a family. >> keep the wet and cool that is all you can do. >> i think it will get worse. they decide 104, or 105. ask is only july, still august will probably be even more. >> tomorrow night is the biggest fireworks show in northern california. today crew is in san francisco prepared for the independent today showed. the crew that is on the show is part of a group that was on hundred across the nation. still they said the sanford's is go show is pretty special. >> this is a very big show, the biggest in northern california for sure. >> not only do begin to
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blow up things, we blow up things all pretty. the crowd often loves it. it is nothing better than after ratio, hearing all the cheers and the clapping. >> the show starts about 9:15 p.m. tomorrow evening and last about 20 minutes. the best place to watch, usuallypeier 39 at a quiet park. and this was the scene and richmond the city celebrated the fourth of july of little bit early. tonight, this was the 10th year in a row that they put on a firework displays. closing arguments have begun in the casey anthony trial, coming about will show you what happened in court and would take a look at the case history. a seaplane that has been missing for a couple of days was finally pulled on the water. will be looked and talk with the person who was there when the plane went down. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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>> it was nearly three years ago the caylee anthony was first reported missing
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in florida. her mother casey anthony captivated the nation's attention, a jury will be deciding her fate in a death penalty murder case. she began to weep as the closing arguments began. the defense said it was an accident the prosecution said that anthony was a selfish woman that the river tousle that she continue wild lifestyle. a jury decision is expected in the next few days. elizabeth texting look back on how the case began. >> casey anthony was a young mother with her two year-old daughter cayley marines seemed to vanish in the summer of 2008. her mother cindy anthony called the police in july to report that she had not seen her granddaughter in weeks. as she could not get an explanation from casey. >> there is something wrong. i saw my daughter's car today is much like there was a dead body in the car. >> the car had been discovered abandon and told to a lot. the to casey in for questioning she told police that she had not seen her little girl since
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dropping her off with a babysitter the month before. that store prove to be untrue. >> i can tell you for certainty that everything they have told me so far has been a lie. >> not everything i told you. >> the police arrested her on suspicion of child neglect, filing false statements, and obstructing an investigation. during a search for car a cadaver dog picked up the scent of human decomposition. an fbi investigation would later find traces of chloroform. first she was indicted on capital murder charges and pleaded not guilty. two months later in december her body was discovered in a wooded area near the anthony's home. her family was finally able to say goodbye a memorial service. >> i will not say how much i will miss things that i will not be able to do with her because someday i will be able to hold her hand again in god's heaven. >> casey was not at the memorial service, she was sitting in a florida jail cell, prosecutors
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allege that she killed her daughter with chloroform and duct tape and then dumped her body and went off on a party spree. they seek the death penalty after more than two years, she got her day in court, jury selection and a capital murder trial got under way in may of 2011. i'm elizabeth reporting. >> clear skies and a nice night around the bay temperatures in the '60s and '70s even the 80's for antioch. i'll let you know what the fourth of july will be like coming up. to travel to washington d.c. to get to see their monument. you know, joe, i'd like to thank you for honoring our country, for giving your time, and just making us so proud. [ joe ] on behalf of all of the veterans, you're welcome. ♪ this is who i am. ♪
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>> the search for a sea plane that crashed in the water has turned a. we talk with the goods a manner t--we talk with this matter to and that was at the right place of the right time. that jazz we talk with the good samaritan that wasn't the right place at the right time. david was out of the
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water when it went down. >> my friend came to possess something really that happened. i turned the boat around and i saw the plane crash in the water. two guys are standing on the wings. >> he says that it looks like the plane hit a wave into a nosedive, the pilot and his passenger were pulled off in time to see >> we have them both on the boat and then right then the plane went on the order. >> the dive team says that it was submerged in 20, to 40 ft. of water. as to what caused the crash, police said the pilot seemed in shock. >> he was sad because it was a cool flame. then he was great to be alive is a weird a gust of wind that cause them to crash. >> neither the pilot or the passenger were injured, the police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor if because the plane was taxiing when it crashed, the faa will not be investigating. >> clear skies on this
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sunday evening, the third of a july, no fog out there to be seen. pretty warm in britain would right now 84 degrees out there today we got close to 100 degrees, '70's in pleasanton, cupertino at 67. fisher is cold at the coast. 55 of the sea breeze cranking of this evening speaking of the coast, tomorrow at the beach is looking great. 75 santa cruz, not as high tomorrow as we had today but mostly sunny by the afternoon with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s from the bodega bay to the ocean beach and the sea breeze, 2230 mph for the afternoon. temperatures will be cooler for our monday, the fourth of july the sea breeze will push some cool readings into the bay, looking at '70's bayside shaded in yellow, some high 90s in the inland spot, and a triple digits and the forecast. that would change for tuesday, things
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begin to heat up on again, the 80's return to the bay, '90s for the south bay and there could very well be some triple digit heat on tuesday but then things turned back again and for wednesday, the sea breeze turns in and we will see the temperatures drop, it will be a lot cooler by the end of the week a big change with the fog in the sea breeze returning. for tomorrow, look for 80's and 90's, a beautiful fourth of july across the bay area, 76, 79 and 86. a few patches of fog early on otherwise sunny skies, '70s and '80s. here the '90s for the east bay valleys, close to 100 degrees for antioch. low to mid 90's in the san ramon valley. the south bay is a gorgeous day, 80's in san jose, close to 94 los gatos with sunny skies theory here is the seven day around the bay and the temperatures bomb back up for tuesday, water at the coast, water
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inland. within a little cooler for wednesday and thursday and then things began to cool down. the sea breeze will get pretty strong, the fog comes back. low to mid '80s inland. >> among the fine traditions of july 4th is the annual nathan's hot dog eating contest at coney island. san jose native joy chesnutt is a need for its fifth consecutive world championship. allen tells us this crazy contest is about a lot more than fun by the beach. >> you are watching all american marketing magic. nathan's hot dog eating contest is a bonanza for the fast-food company. as those eating a have expanded their gastric capabilities, the popularity has soared, and so has sales of nathan's hot dogs. piling up seven years and roll to 453 million last year. >> this is one of the greatest marketing stunts ever put forth in the united
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states. >> it is a natural for nathan's that first opened at the fun filled amusement park 96 years ago. in the late 1970's, the contest was just another coney island sideshow. thought of by the pr stunt man max. his protege is george and his brother rich are the marketing men that have brought competitive eating into the modern era. they have created a phenomenon by introducing the coveted mustard yellow championship belt. having espn cover the event and promoting the eaters as professional athletes. >> it is absolutely a sport, and these guys are athlete for short. >> this year building a new rivalry--rivalry between the u.s. and chinese. by flying those from china to coney island just when they think happens to be embarking on a national expansion in china.
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the media each set up and not just in coney island. they have qualifying competitions across the country and sponsors for other leaving events like chicken wings, oysters and hamburgers. all part of what they call major league- leading. allen, new york. >> the sharks at the parting ways with their all- star danny heep lead. they traded the forward to the minnesota while for a another forward. they acquired him two years ago hoping that he would be the one to lead them to the stanley cup. that my and in sunnyvale at the h t headquarters. it's a big day, the touch that tablets is finally now on the market. adjutancy they have a big banner on the front of their main building. i got my hands on a is an impressive tablet attended take on the ipad? i am gabe slate, state and that is coming up in my tech report. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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>> bart trains will not be stopping at the civic center station because a fatal officer involved shooting. what is the latest? >> as you can see right now, the police are blocking off the bart station. bart officers were responding to a person with a knife, that person had a knife or was on the platform, two officers responded, multiple shots were fired it is not clear if one officer fired in one of the shots back to him, or if they were coming from different directions. will we know so far is that the area will be close for the rest of the night. the bart and muni will be passing through here but people will not be able to get on or off through here right now. the person died around 10:45 p.m. from the gunshot wound. we know that the person once again, if you're just winning in, the bart station is close, two officers responded first there was a
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call of a drunken person and then later it became a person had a knife on the platform is not sure if they were going on to the bar, or exiting the bart. but we know that there are 50 cop cars, they're blocking off the area no one can get in off. we're live near the civic center with kron4 news. >> thank you, now looking at the movies this weekend, it could be a record we can add the bark off is not necessarily because of this movie that on pulled in the third most money, a far cry from the first car bad teachers told in its best-a bad teacher so many in second release. now the big earners this began was transformer's dark of the moon. just this week ended earn more than $97 million. that is the biggest domestic hall this year with tomorrow's sales, transformers will break the all-time record for the
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fourth of july weekend cells. a lot of folks will be out there barbequing with their hot dogs and hamburgers. >> after seeing the hot dog competition video earlier i am starting. >> you may want to enter. >> could become i am pretty good eating. but tomorrow will be nice. we were talking about watching movies and antioch, concord, unfair phil you may want to get to the movie theater and enjoy the ear condition. it will be hot again close to 100 degrees in antioch, 80's for san jose, 74 san francisco and oakland. these terms is not quite as well we had today. the local things off just a little bit, but still a fabulous fourth of july forecast. tomorrow night for fireworks is looking good as well. mostly clear skies. there may be some fog incenses us go for the evening. we have to watch separate closely. >> it has been known to be a spoiler. >> all you need is a blanket. >> yes, you see the fireworks going up into the
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clouds. >> we will cross our fingers and hope for the best, that will wrap up for us tonight everybody.
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